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Sleep Improvement Center

at RockMed

The Sleep Improvement Center at RockMed is open 365 days a year
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Have the physician's ordered a sleep study?

Quick Facts:

The Sleep Improvement Center at RockMed is open 24/7/365, holidays and all, for our patients convenience. Call today and ask for our sleep department to find out more. 

Instead of having our sleep lab nestled away somewhere else, we keep ours attached to the medical practice. All your healthcare needs, under a single roof.

Don't feel comfortable with an in-lab sleep study? No problem, we can arrange an at-home study for you.

Sleep Services:
  • CPAP Therapy

  • BPAP Therapy

  • Pulmonology Consultations

  • Sleep Apnea Treatments

  • In-home Sleep Studies

  • Titration Studies

  • Oral Appliance Fittings

Get your study done today

Call to see if you're eligible: 516-536-5765
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